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Zinchenko Oleksandr

Zinchenko Oleksandr

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Zinchenko Oleksandr

Attorney, Senior Partner
Family law
Property Law
Civil Law
Intellectual Law

Attorney, Senior Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution and Tax Practice, legal practice since 2004. For work at the Law Firm “Jurmerstands”, for about 14 years he held senior positions in the financial and banking sectors in the direction of working with problem assets; Specializes in the following practices: litigation, tax disputes, bankruptcy / restructuring, pre-trial dispute resolution, criminal proceedings in the field of economic crimes, enforcement proceedings, judicial practice. The company manages projects, represents the company in negotiations with clients and partners.

Phone: +38(067) 323 44 26
Fax: +38(067) 323 44 26
Kyiv, Ukraine, 04053 / Київ, Україна, 04053
Sechevyh Strel'cov, 37-41 / Січових Стрільців, 37-41
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