One of the major services provides by our law firm is representation by an attorney in Ukrainian courts. With more than ten years of litigation experience, our lawyers specialize in civil and commercial cases, criminal procedure.
At the same time, litigation support services are always preceded by analysis of feasibility of court protection. Many years of practice allow us to reach the conclusion that in some situations it is sufficient to file complaints with the counterparty in order to reach the positive result. This is why we pay attention to pretrial settlement of disputes and mediation in Ukraine.


  Types of disputes:

  • bankruptcy and insolvency litigation;
  • debt collection litigation, including disputes involving distressed debt;
  • protection in the criminal proceeding
  • administrative and other disputes with public authorities (tax and customs authorities,etc.) and local government bodies;
  • corporate litigation, in particular, disputes related to acquisitions of control over legal entities;
  • commercial disputes based on contracts and other business arrangements; privatization disputes;
  • disputes related to immovable property or immovable property rights;
  • insurance and reinsurance litigation;
  • intellectual property disputes;
  • employment law disputes;
  • disputes related to the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • investment disputes.


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