JUSTARC Law Firm undertakes due diligence exercise of business, legal and financial affairs of corporate bodies and helps clients to assess business proposals, identify possible legal problems, thus help clients in taking informed corporate decisions.
You want to know what you are purchasing and whether you will get what you want. Must ensure that the right steps are taken to turn your investment into value after signing and closing.
Business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions always must perform a legal due diligence investigation.

The law firm JUSTARC offers the following services within the framework of legal due diligence:
  • due diligence during reorganization, purchase of shares / shares in other companies;
  • verification of the work of the management bodies for compliance with the norms of the current legislation;
  • verification of the legitimacy of the main corporate documents – the statute,
  • internal regulations and documents regulating the activities of the company;
  • compliance with antimonopoly legislation;
  • verification of the legitimacy of major contracts with major suppliers / contractors;
  • verification of the legitimacy of contracts related to the attraction of financing;
  • observance of legislation in the field of licensing, intellectual property, etc.

A legal due diligence consists of a scrutiny of all, or specific parts, of the legal affairs of the target company with a view of uncovering any legal risks and provide the buyer with an extensive insight into the company’s legal matters.
Concluding a deal, the partners hope for the best. But anything can happen in business. JUSTARC Law Firm with the assistance of professional Investigators will prepare a complete Due diligence report which will cover Your business partner, analysis of the cooperation process, Uncovering of the target company’s strong and weak sides, relevant risks and advantages in connection with the transaction, Comprehensive legal due diligence of your partner including the specific business transaction and inform you what you can expect while entering into such contract.
Legal audit may be necessary to determine which legal and structural issues the enterprise faces. JUSTARC’s Attorneys have a wide range of experience in assisting with all of these matters.
Due diligence can be carried out by our company, and as an integral part of the complex of work on projects, and as a separate independent assignment.


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