The JUSTARC Law Firm has extensive experience of providing legal advice in all matters of contractual relationships. We provide top-quality legal advice to both domestic and foreign clients, in negotiating, drafting, executing, making amendments to, terminating and discharging any types of contract.
Whatever a question might arise the JUSTARC Law Firm is ready to provide the client with up-to-date and effective advice that suits clients’ businesses and needs.
Since the Firm strives to offer its clients a full range of services, our Contract Law practice lawyers work together with other Firm’s practices that enables them to advise clients on the matters of tax and customs compliance and regulations, IP rights, filings with government departments, litigation and dispute resolution, etc.
The contract law practice of the JUSTARC Law Firm focuses on the following matters:
  • Consultation on the matters of drafting and development of agreements;
  • Legal expertise of pre-contractual situations;
  • Drafting and development of standard agreements (civil, commercial, employment), individual agreements,
  • Drafting of foreign trade contracts and additional agreements;
  • Working out recommendations related to the improvement of contractual work;
  • Analysis and minimizing contractual risks;
  • Settlement of contractual disputes;
  • Complex support of contractual work of business entities.

The JUSTARC Law Firm offers expert advice and practical assistance in drafting and examining a full spectrum of contracts and agreements including sale and purchase agreements, delivery contracts, building contracts, joint venture agreements, leases, licensing agreements, insurance agreements, loans, security and mortgage agreements, factoring contracts, etc.
Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice on the matters relative to the international sale of goods, including acting for clients in courts and international commercial arbitration. The Firm’s international experience and its long-established relations with leading law firms around the world, allow it to assist clients in the matters relative to contracts governed by laws of other jurisdictions.


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