Banking is the basis of the economy of each country. The country’s investment climate depends on the stability and reliability of the banking system. JUSTARC Lawyers provide legal services and advice to clients who need to select banking products in order to be able to engage in financial and investment operations for the development and expansion of their own business.

Banking and Finance is one of the key practices of the JUSTARC Law Firm. We have created a strong team of experienced and highly qualified lawyers, many of whom have many years of professional experience in banking and are familiar with the banking industry in the inside. Our experience allows us to be involved in the implementation of the most difficult financial projects, but thanks to the same experience we can be extremely effective when working on standard banking products or regulatory issues.


  • Asset financing
  • Banking and corporate lending
  • Disputes on banking and insurance law
  • Capital Markets
  • Debt restructuring
  • Debt collection
  • Financial leasing
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector
  • Financing the project and trade
  • Public and private offers
  • Financing of real estate construction
  • Registration of banks and representative offices of foreign banks in Ukraine
  • Securitization and factoring